Clothing rack on an incline

My first vanity project with Maslow!
I work in a theatre and there has been a need for a costume rack backstage, but the only usable space in the very tight area was under a stairwell. A normal horizontal rod would not work here. I drew up an inclined rack with multiple hooks to put hangers on that was screwed into the stair stringer!
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I love it!!! Way to see a need and take care of it. I’m excited to see what other theater related things you make.

Were you in the batch that just went out? If so I think you deserve an award for being the first to get to a project!


I just got my kit last week! Aside from making the permanent sled, this is the first project! So far, it’s smooth sailing, aside from some motor slipping issues that just turned it to be a loose set screw on the motor sprocket. After several chain length measurements, I figured the set screw issue out.
I’ve got a scenic piece on deck for our upcoming show, Stardust. It’s going to be about a hundred intricate holes in a couple sheets of 1/8" luaun to create a Moorish screen to match some very old scenic pieces that have been with our theatre for decades. The potential of this piece alone was enough to justify the Maslow purchase. I’ll post pics!