Maslow Garage Space Projects

My lovely wife let me know that she needed her space back in the garage. So, Ive been busy researching and creating space saving ideas. I realize that everyone in the Maslow community doesnt have the luxury of having a shop and if you do more power to you. Having my own shop is one of my life goals!!
For now I need to utilize space the best I can and the elephant in the garage is dearest Maslow. Im planning to put 2 levels of large drawers all the way accross with a small work bench on top. This is a work in progress and Im in it for the long hall. All pics shown have some Maslow.
Ideas welcome!!

image image image


How are the hooks attached to the wall?

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Here ya go

Good ol French cleat


is that the harbor freight dusts collector? Its a lot bigger than I thought.

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@aluminumwelder , It is, its the small one… Caught it on a 25% off weekend. Got the cyclone (wish I would have bought xl) on bangood cheap and barrel on Amazon. Want to put a canister filter instead of bag. Could have made the base smaller, but made from scrap and hardware that came with the collector.

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These are great man. Loving all the ideas!


French cleat wall hooks … now that’s something for the collection! *feverishlytakingnotes *


More to add. Using Makercam to make holders. Smaller rectangle pockets for rabbits and circles for curves (just playing around.) Also got me a small hf brad nailer, that plus glue makes for a quick build.


I’m lucky, my wife has let me commandeer most of the garage (we haven’t used if for a carport, just storage, now my ‘Workshop’ as I work as an industrial designer)… Have a look on Pinterest for space saving ideas. Plenty, plenty there. Love the use of the back of the frame!