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Cocktail Arcade Project

Went looking for a cocktail arcade that can support 4 players and a 32" screen and couldnt find much online for plans… ended up making my own.


Now to start making the chairs:


Your build quality is very good. What are you using for the brain? What are you using for the controllers? Is that a glass ball thingy between player 1 and player 2 (red and blue buttons) for centipede? Do you plan to archive the plans or are you going to go into business with them? Is that a real coinop front panel on it?

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Brains is an i5-6500, 1070 gpu, 16gb ram.the ball is a trackball for games like golden tee and and used with a lot of the WIIU games. Yes real coin op, mostly build for my kids game room but also built a few arcades including virtual pinball for family and friends.

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are you emulating wiiU?

Emulating everything upto PS4/Xbox One.

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This is stunning! Nice work :grinning:

Thank you!

ready for final touches and front end software.


This looks professional to the point that it’s hard to believe that one person made it and not a factory. Superb.

This is really impressive quality! Have you finished the stools yet?

Great work. Could you share the parts list?

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That is simply awesome. I’m with And, I would appreciate a ports list. My grandkids would love their own arcade.