Complimentary & Reduced-Price Bay Area Maker Faire Tickets!

Hello all!

Bar will be at the Bay Area Maker Faire this year and along with our exhibit we get a limited number of free and reduced-price entry passes to give out to whomever we’d like! This if a first come, first serve deal, so whoever replies to this post first with which tickets they’d like gets them! Limit 2 tickets per person, please. We have available…

2 Free Friday Only Tickets
2 Free Saturday OR Sunday Only Tickets
2 Half Price Friday Only Tickets ($35)
2 Half Price Saturday OR Sunday Only Tickets ($35)

Reply to this post! Thanks!



I’m in for the Friday tickets please.

Thank you

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No plane tix from Chicago? :hugs:

I would love to see your booth! I will add this to my bucket list for next year! So, hold a couple of tix for me for 2019.

BTW, trade shows/fairs were a big part of my working life… I actually loved working them. Have a great show!!!


Hi Bee. Sounds good! If you let me know your first and last name and email address (via a direct message) I can input your info and you should get an email with the tickets!

Aidan and I would love to join you on Sunday!!!

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Hey Galen! I think @bar was actually meaning to reach out to you regarding coming to help/take some photos/vids for the weekend. @bar - am I correct?

Woah @Galenforrest it didn’t even cross my mind that this was you!


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where in the fair are you located? It looks like I may be able to make it up saturday.


We are in zone 9, just to the left of the main entrance if you are coming from the parking lot :grinning: