Maslow at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019?

I assume if you are gonna be there, you’re already on the road. Wondering if you’ll have a presence this year…

Stay dry!

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Hey Chris! I’m not going to be there this year because I don’t have any new hardware to show off, but hopefully I will be back next year with some exciting stuff


If there still is a bay area maker faire next year.

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You made the right decision, Bar. While it was still a Maker Faire with awesome things and great people, it rained pretty hard through most of the weekend so attendance was way down and most of the outside booths were neglected.

If they’ve had financial issues in the past, this year’s event was probably a pretty big nail in the coffin. I didn’t see most of the major sponsors (Intel, Autodesk, Nintendo) and the number of paying (IE - commercial) booths was way way down.

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The way these sorts of things typically work, they are probably already comitted
for next year (and possibly the year after) and would have to pay significant
penalties if they did not have a show.

David Lang

I believe that the Bay Area Maker Faire was run directly by Maker Media, which ceased operations recently. That’s the real nail in the coffin, I’m afraid. Many of the smaller Maker Faires were run by local organizations that licensed the Maker Faire brand. They might be able to go on, probably under a new name.

Reviving an old thread - It looks like the founder of Maker Media (Dale Doherty) has re-incarnated it as Maker Community and will still allow 3rd parties to license (the Portland Maker Faire is actually going on right now). No word on whether they’ll bring back the two larger shows they used to run directly in New York and San Mateo.

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