Complte Idiots (very basic) guide to making a design and then sending to be cut to CNC

OK guys, try not to laugh !
I am a complete newbie to this cnc’ing game - as some of will realise by my other post in the CAD / CAM section.
I would like to know if there is a tutorial anywhere (or maybe one of you smart peoples would like to write one solely for use with Maslow CNC) for doing a design in a CAD program, saving in DXF, then (somehow) sending to (Maslow or other) CNC machine to be cut.
I have tried a few quick serches but they all seem to be at a slightly higher level than complete beginner !!!
Many thanks in advance.


What operating system are you on and what software for CAD do you use?

I use windows. Currently W7 Pro. I have NO idea about Linux, etc and at my age I don’t really fancy trying to learn it!
As for CAD software I am happy to use any free or low cost program.

For .dxf on windows there are to many options and i’m the wrong to recommend one.
If you want a quick start on cutting something, you could try the workflow:

  1. Inkscape (from a drawing or picture to a .svg file)
  2. MakerCam or Carbaite Create ( makes the gcode for the Maslow from the .svg)
    A complete tutorial for Maslowians was not put together yet, but with your help we can work on that.

Many thanks for the input. I am currently in Malta but moving back to the UK in just under 6 weeks. I am hoping to get the ‘boss’ to let me get a kit for June shipping to the UK :slight_smile:

I would like to make simple childs toys and basic furniture. It’s more a thing of ‘something positive to do’ and a feel good factor…

Thanks again


The people here are that for me over a year now :slight_smile:
If you give me an idea or a picture I could do some write up and screenshots


Sounds great, thanks. I am going to have a look at those links you sent,over the weekend, and have a play at a basic design. I will send some screen shots (and no doubt lots of questions) next week.

Thanks for the help so far.

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Perhaps @George_Lehaf could make a video :slight_smile:

We’ve got a couple videos over on our youtube channel that could help:

Here’s one for sketchup:

And here’s one for OnShape:

And here’s one for Fusion360 (not from our channel):


I’ve actually started a YouTube series with my friend where we walk through fusion 360 tutorials and I’ll be posting a Step by step fusion intro to using cam to generate gcode. One fusion tutorial for making two sided projects is here :
I’ll be posting another one on just basic cam sometime this week. Unfortunately these videos are pretty long (~1 hour) but if there’s interest I can work on a short and sweet tutorial!


Planning to do writing and screenshots for this:



I just posted some instructions here on how to use Inkscape with Maslow. Hope it helps or at least gets you started!