Concrete anchors

I’d like to connect Maslow4 directly to a concrete floor to show that you don’t even need to build a frame and I’m looking at concrete anchor options.

I have some of these which are nice, but they leave a bump on the surface that might be annoying as a tripping hazard.

I’d really like to find something like these which recess into the surface, but these are for wood only:

These look great, but they are from a weird supplier so the could take a little while to arrive:

Does anyone have any experience with a good concrete anchor or any ideas for interesting ways to connect to a concrete floor?

There’s also epoxy in options like this:


There’s a lot of concrete expansion anchors on the river source

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Drop in concrete anchor like these Drop-In Anchors

They are widely available. And the install tool is cheap. When installed are flush or slightly recessed. One would want to thread a headless bolt into them when not being used to keep cruft out. I’d go with anchors for 1/2 bolts with an antisense just for the durability of repeated removal.

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You could use those Sammy anchors too. One would just need to drill a shallow 7/16 hole for the “head” to fit into so it would be flush and rig up a driver with a bolt and a couple nuts to set them from the inside theeads instead of using a wrench on the outside.

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That Tapcon video was super helpful, I was absolutely going to under size my holes for the Sammy anchors that I have

@Melvin have you used those drop in anchors? The idea of pounding them into me seems like they could end up being lose, but they do seem to be widely used and liked and the pull out strength numbers are impressive.

I’ve installed hundreds maybe even thousands. As long as you

  • Don’t drill the hole too deep
  • Use the tool and really drive it in
  • Bolt whatever your bolting down all the way; don’t leave a gap

they hold well.

However I have never removed and replaced the bolts in any particular anchor more than a few times. Should work though.

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I’ve already thrown the idea of a pool safety cover anchor into the mix but here is a link:

Installation Video:

I like the idea of being able to screw the acnchor point flush when not in use.

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Be careful not to drill into a post tension floor. I’ve seen some garages have tension floors, they usually have a warning stamped in the front.

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Also, commercial buildings with high floor load ratings too. They may only have the warnings on the construction prints. @bar where are you planning on doing this?

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I gave it a shot today with the Sammy’s anchors that I already had and other than the fact that they leave a bump that protrudes when they aren’t in use, they work great.

I don’t have a garage right now so it was just in my driveway which I am absolutely positive is safe to drill holes in :grinning:

Edit: full disclosure I didn’t cut that M outside, that was done earlier on the other frame. It was just a piece of plywood that I had laying around so I threw it down to play around on.