Connected but no connection CNCJs connect but no communicate M2 Config panel is not in the program

M2 Maslow - Win 10

I install the firmware, (ok it should be nice if the instructions mention it’s not precharged and what to do)
but untill I can see it’s connected in the settings of Win10
i cannot connect with easel, cncjs or Webcontrol

with CncJs it says connected but doesn’t return any info (as the video says it should)
in the video apears M2 Configuration plugin, but I haven’t and doesn’t know how to install
and it says it should return some info in the console, but it doesn’t

In WebControl it says connected but also says Alarm: Connection Failed or Invalid Firmware

and don’t know how to follow

first, if you have the M2 controller, you will only use CNCjs or makerverse, not webcontrol or groundcontrol. The M2 should have the firmware loaded, so you should be able to plug it in and go. The one I have is a little difficult to get the plug in all the way. the case gets in the way. Verify the lights come on when you plug it in.

I don’t know if I follow you

so I guess I reinstalled the firmware and dont mess it

and then, why there are 2 connection ports? I thought the non accessible one was for installing the firmware and the other for managing the machine, but I’m not sure at this point

but when I see the video of CNCjs they connect it (i can as well) it opens the console (so do me) but it returns some parameters, (me not) and there’s a M2 Configuration in the bottom that I don’t have in my pannels, where it is? I see these panels are called widgets but this one is not in the program

the second port that is covered is for programming. the exposed port is for running the system. I discovered that I have a whole lot of charge cables and not enough data usb cables and that was why my system was not communicating.

don’t understand the answer, maybe we lost the thread

I need to know why my computer finds com port, the cncjs says it connects but nothing more
and the m2 widget is not in my cncjs program

Have you tried using Makerverse?

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With the M2 there should be no need to install firmware, it should already be on the Arduino Due.
@MakerMadeCNC offers email help.

Kind regards, Gero

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Hi, thanks for the response
CNCJs is not the same as Makerverse?
It looks same
ok, i could get inside and at least i have the widget,
so I don’t understand why in the usb stick is not this one and is the CNCJs which looks totally the same and makes it confused

ok, and it’s returning info,

very gratefull

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Traditional CNC machines use stepper motors. So traditional software can not directly be used with the Maslow. Some great programmers are making ‘magic’ happen, modifying software to work for us.

thanks, but is a bit confusing that maslow comes with these software CNCJs in a usb stick that looks the same than makerverse and when you see foros there are other options but you don’t know that this options are for the 1st version,
that’s ok, thanks as well :slight_smile:

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