Connection timeout error

I’ve had good luck with the Maslow but recently had an issue. The last two cuts I’ve done I’ve had a connection timeout error during the cut and had to abandon. The first one wasn’t the end of the world but the last one was 85% thru a bigger, more important job. I’m not sure what would cause this. I haven’t changed anything. USB isn’t in close vicinity of other wires. The Maslow has set for a couple months without use. I’ve always ran GC 1.25.
Is there a way to shortcut calibration in this scenario? I haven’t calibrated since the last error.
Thanks in advance!

All you need to do is reset the chains, you don’t need to recalibrate. Take a look at this for a procedure to help you recover in the future.

But as for disconnects, that’s a hard thing to diagnose. You said the USB cable isn’t running parallel with any power lines… you may want to consider a different USB cable and shortening the distance if it is long.

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And to be more specific to your current situation, under action->advanced there’s a button for resetting the chains… I’m not able to take a look at ground control to see what it’s called.

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Awesome thanks for the tip. I’m currently using the blue USB included in the kit.

A very few people ran into problems and switched to different USB cables… disabling sleep mode, making sure USB cable is routes away from and/or perpendicular to other cables also helps.

So once the chains are extended to the distance where the sled is centered, you mark link that sits on the vertical sprocket?

Yes. If you extend chain distance is an integral value of the chain’s pitch, then one tooth of the sprocket should be precisely vertical. Mark the the link sitting on it and then next time you need to reset the chains, follow the directions in the wiki.

it’s the point where the chains are fed out, but before you hit ‘move to center’
the center is not going to be an exact multiple of 6.35mm chain extension, so
there won’t be a tooth pointing straight up.

David Lang

I dont have a marked link. I’ll mark one next time I calibrate. I really needed to get a cut done so I centered the sled and adjusted the chains to suit. I then cut a small square as a test. Seemed roughly ok so I cut my job and it went fine. I’ll be more picky and make it right later but at least I got cut what I needed. Thanks for the help guys!

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Sorry, I misread. @dlang is correct. After you “adjust” chain lengths (whatever gc calls it when you feed out chain to attach the sled) mark the link at the too tooth.