Ovals and squished rectangles

Hello all, after months of troubleshooting I finally thought I had this figured out. Then one day after a rather long cut I got the dreaded USB connection error. So I reset everything and started over. Then my circles started coming out ovalish and my rectangles started coming out skewed. Ok no problem I ran through another calibration and everything was going fine until another USB connection error. So after I restarted everything was screwed again. Is there anything I can do other than go through another calibration each time I get this error? I always hit continue, but it seems like the machine loses track of where it is on the board. It is so frustrating because I really thought I was getting somewhere!

yes, the ‘connection lost’ message means that it no longer knows where it is.

you don’t have to go through the entire calibration if you marked your chains,
you just have to set the sprockets to 12 o’clock, move the marked lines to the
sprockets, and reset the chain lengths.

David Lang

Ah ok, I think I understand what you mean. So after I have it calibrated and the sled is in the center of the workspace I can mark my chains. Then if the machine goes wacky I can just reset my sprockets to 12:00, hook my chains up at my marks, and the sled will be in its home position right?

not with it at the center of the workpiece, but with the chains at a known
length that is a multiple of 6.35mm (whole link), by default this is 1651mm
(configurable in settings)

this is the point at the end of calibration before you hit ‘move to center’

you can change this to a length that puts the sled very close to the center.

David Lang

are you using the “mile-long” USB cable? You may consider using a shorter one or pinch the end down (just a tiny bit) so it holds securely in the PC. I got this error once when my laptop went to sleep while running Maslow. Now I only use webcontrol and a raspberry pi and it has not yet disconnected.


Actions → Set Chain Lengths Automatic should also do you right :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I think I’ve got it going again! Definitely looking into the Raspberry Pi and Web Control solution.