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With a crop of new Maslows being built, we’re getting quite a bit of troubleshooting activity in the forums. This is really good, because we are finding lots of symptoms and the eventual solutions. I just put a few new lines into the table on the Troubleshooting page on the wiki:, but I’m sure there are many more solutions here in the forums. For the benefit if all, can people add their symptoms/solutions to the wiki, or summarize them here so I can put them in?


Hi John, thanks for posting and having a link to the wiki. There are a few tips, gleaned from various forum posts, that have helped me with the Connection Timed Out error (although I had one again yesterday…:frowning: ), namely:

  • routing your USB cable away from the power cord,

  • adding RF chokes,

  • turning off all power-saving options on my laptop to prevent loss of power to the USB port.

I’ll leave it up to you to determine if these are worthy of adding to the wiki.


And not only in the software :wink: , they live in the bios also.


Also today I got to measure chain length in the middle of cutting twice. I think it should be added as it’s own fault Loss of USB or something to that effect.

If you lose USB during a cut all you need to do is go through just the chain length calibration. Then use the ‘‘go to’’ button in GC to find more or less where you were when you lost connection or just before preferably.

Do your job well and there won’t be any noticeable difference in cut.

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Thanks all, I’ve been adding them as they come in. Keep calling them!