Considering Preordering an M2

I just spun up a business making kids furniture and while I love hand making everything, I’m looking to scale up and automate some of the process.

Figured out I can get my materials costs way down purchasing Baltic birch and running it through cnc to get my primary cuts and punches done. I’d probably save about half my work time through automating this.

Question is, I know the Maslow system can be finicky, but I’m comfortable troubleshooting and finding/making solutions. However, has anyone experienced issues with downtime or other factors (besides slow running, I am excited about the 40% speed bump of the m2)?

Also, any specific issues with hardwoods or birch in particular?

Just hoping to make this purchase with open eyes and looking for cons I might not be thinking of using this to scale up production. Wouldn’t be my forever machine for this, of course, but would be a good start I think.

There’s been a few posts around here regarding the M2 that discusses some of its differences with the Maslow. Here’s a link to some recent discussion, noting that I haven’t seen any real information from them on what I discuss there, so I’m definitely NOT saying there’s an issue with the M2.

With that said, I think the 40% speed increase is mostly attributable to a faster z-axis than the stock system and that’s been available for some time from many sources, its not new to the M2. What’s new is to M2 is the use of GRBL as the motor controller firmware and that does provide a speed increase, but not nearly as much as having a faster z-axis does.