Corel Draw 12 to MakerCam

I have Corel Draw 12 which can export to SVG and I think work with Maker Cam. Corel Draw 12 is 12 years old (circa 2006) so I’m not entirely sure if it’s compatible or not. After watcing one tutorial about maker cam I learned that there is a different setting for inches to pixels between inkscape and illustrator? that changes the size of the drawing. I’ve googled it and looked in the help menu in Corel Draw but can’t find it. So any help would be appreciated.

And just FYI I have RHino 3D version 3.0 also 12 years old that I do my designing in then export to Corel Draw.

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I was a huge fan and expert of Corel Draw back in the days when I was still on windows (11years).
No way I could check now what the preferences are.
In makercam you adjust it here, hope it helps a bit. (for inkscape 96 px/inch)

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Thanks for the reply. I already tried importing a file and it was about 7 ft long and soi drew a circle in maker cam about the same size and fiddled with the pixel setting. It seems 24 pixels per inch came out pretty close. I then exported the g code and opened it in ground control and it looks about right. However if there is a way to be more accurate than TLAR I’m hoping to find it.

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Trying to save files in Inkscape as svg etc isn’t allowing me to open them in Coreldraw . Copy and pasting yields best results but edges of graphics come out choppy and crooked without anything close to as clean of a look that are originally in Inkscape.

Corel does lots of things Inkscape does not do, but as far as vector illustration goes, all vector illustration software does most of the same things: shapes, paths, node editing, text, clones, symbols, etc. . The shortcuts will be different, and some tools are unique to each program, or will require fewer/or more steps.

I use inkscape to save and export as SVG or DXF file . Making a really good SVG in Inkscape can take a while on sufficiently complex images. I have a XP-Pen Deco Pro Pen Tablet to use with Inkscape for node editing and drawing new art.