COTS PID Speed Control

So… thinking about tachometers and using a speed controller… and I found this:

$155 gets you a PID-locked speed control for your router (they say the algorithm is optimized for 2 and 4 flute bits), and if you wire it to your Maslow brain box, you can have Maslow control on/off (though I really wish they used >3.3V=Run and anything else = stop instead of 0V=Run) and speed.

err… for those who weren’t in the military, COTS=Commercial-off-the-shelf… though you do need a box and wiring for it.

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That will go down to 5000 rpm, significantly slower than the stock router, can you contact the guy and find out if there’s a way to slow things down more?

Not supported with PID mode; here’s their response:

Not sure exactly what you are asking? Do you mean RPM speed?

RPM speed is limited to 5000 RPM. This is a safety issue with router motors as they are fan cooled by the internal fan at motor speed. Below 5000 rpm is risk of motor overheating.

Some users (rare setup) do use “Open-Loop” mode and turn the motor speed right down for centring cutting tools (it can go down to motor stall speed, although not recommended).

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I was thinking it was because they’re controlling the AC with a triac (and at 5000 RPM, you’re only getting 5 “changes” that you can make so I can see it getting really unstable. I hadn’t thought of motor temp (though it makes a lot of sense - you cut the fan down to 1/4 of its original speed!).

If it was just a matter of heat you could always put something like a computer fan on it to push air through it.