Could Ground Control open files from a zip?

If it would be possible to add the ability for Ground Control to access .zips, it would be great if you could tie a download form the community garden and Ground Controls file open to be able to access the zip directly. This saves the user the steps of unzipping, locating, selecting.

Thank you

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That is a very cool idea, so files in the community garden would be directly accessible from within Ground Control. I love that idea. It’s going to be a little bit of work to implement, but I’m on it


So here is a sort of way this could work. It would require a change to the Community Garden DL. The DL would be a zip file called something generic like Community_Garden.Zip in the ground control folder. Each time you download a project it would be a folder added to Community_Garden.Zip.

I found this and it works in windows by adding a right click mount option.

Right now I mount it as Drive M: as in Maslow :wink:

There are Command Line Versions for Linux and Mac too. Some scripting could be useful there. I want to see if I can get it working on the Pi too.

Edit : FWW - I have a standard file system layout on windows -







This structure has helped multiple users that were getting errors in windows when unzipping the windows portable version from within their “windows user folder” due to directory name length errors.

the point is c:\maslow\designs\ Would allow you to know always where to locate the .zip file to add to.

Thank you

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