Ground control ports

In ground control I try to open a file I imported from the community garden. I have the file on my computer but I don’t know how to get to it thru ground control. I don’t have any ports available either.

Can you run GroundControl and did the calibration?
On what operating system (windows?) are you running GC?
Often files are ‘zipped’ (packed) and need to be unzipped to use
A cutting file for GC would need valid files with endings like .nc, .ngc, .gcode and more.

I did the calibration and test cut with success. The file ends with MD. Thank you for any help you can offer.

What file from the garden? Perhaps if i know more i can show a way.

This sounds like a “mark down” file which is a human readable file for things like instructions. I think you want a .nc file or a .gcode file to open in Ground Control. If the file isn’t a type that Ground Control can open it won’t be shown.

Yes, one program is Vacuum-Hose-Clamp. I just wanted something to run as I haven’t had any luck with autodesk fusion 360 post.
Thank You

Can you please copy the link to the file you downloaded?
This one?

This is what I see in ground control-actions.

There isn’t any way for me to get to my computer,which as the downloaded programs.


Ok, it what folder did you download the file.
Can you post a screenshot of that folder?

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Thank you for looking at my problem.

You can see the ‘zipper’ on the folder image. Win$ tricks you to enter those as if they where extracted.
maybe the solution is to extract this files.

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