Shop sign project

This sign was made for a neighboring florist. there were a couple hiccups along the way with a z axis having a mind of its own and not being able to create tabs on curved edges in makercam. Made from 1/2" sheet PVC built up in 3 layers. Outer layers are shop logo cutout with Maslow. Middle layer is solid backing and color layer. Wrapped in aluminum bar stock and hung with aluminum L’s. Feel free to follow to check out future Maslow projects.


Looks great. Where do you buy the PVC? How much does a sheet cost?

Thanks. Home Depot sells 1/2" and 3/4" Veranda PVC in 4x8 sheets. ~$70 & $100 / sheet

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Wow, I didn’t realize they carried it. What bit and rpm did you use?

Hi am having the same problem with tabs. I think the tabs need to be wider.

Used a 1/8" spiral straight cutting bit at 1900 rpm. There was a little melting, but it snaps off pretty easily.

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I think the tabs only work on straight line segments that are long enough. I ended up stopping the cnc before each needed piece was finished and manually cutting them out before the segments fell out and potentially messed up the work piece. Time consuming because I had to babysit the whole run. Going to try to learn Fusion 360 next. It should give more control in the CAM process.

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Remember when creating the tabs to compensate for your final cut depth (usually below the WorkPiece bottom). For me this means making the tab height taller and (depending on the weight of the stock material) wider than defaults (in Fusion360).

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Yep, had it covered by using a total .55" depth cut on 1/2" nominal sheet. Actually measured a fraction thinner. Problem was that on a 20" sign the graphics being cut were too small and detailed for makercam to pick out tab locations with its automated process. From viewing online fusion demos I think it is possible to pick exact spots in the design for tabs.

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No problems with tabs cutting out these bookshelf legs using the same workflow (autocad dxf/ online dxf svg converter/ makercam with scale tweeks /gc) as the sign.


I see a Ridgid router in pic, how are you getting 1900 rpm? Missing a zero or have speed controller?

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Double the width for the tabs and it will cut the tabs in a curve.

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Missing a 0.

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I have the same Chas. J. Smith & Co level shown in your Instagram. it was my great grandfathers or maybe his dads. I’m curious what the history of it is and what you did to restore it. Cool build by the way.

The level was an estate sale find. No personal history behind it other than it being from an Annapolis, MD shop. I just thought it would be cool as a display piece once the brass and bubbles were cleaned up. I took it apart, chipped out the bubble putty, polished, cleaned and oiled the wood, repacked with no level of accuracy and re-assembled.

iv had the missing tabs in MakerCAM for two diff reasons.

Once my .25 tabs where being cut away by my .25in bit. I’m guessing bit diameter is not calculated when doing tabs. fix was to make sure tabs where .5 in.

second time i set every thing up with .75 in wood and was quit surprised my tabs didn’t even try to cut on a half inch peace of ply. held it in place and cut off machine before it stated passes into my waste board

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