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Cubs and Hawks Sign


2 signs to take my mind off of calibration testing


Impressive! Good reminder that even though your shapes might not be perfectly square or within fractions of an inch/mm, Maslow can make some nice looking things. The normal eye can’t pick up most small errors. Sometimes the tape measure can hinder great work. Love your pictures!


That’s awesome! Nice work.


Love both the signs. Hope my wife doesn’t see the Hawks sign, or I know I will be doing one, too!


Hawks (5.8 KB)
Haha, here is the svg just incase she does


Thanks! She loves it. Once I get mine in the next shipment, I’ll make it for her.

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for May 9, 2018

I like your signs! Wouldn’t mind sharing the Cubs sign file would ya? :thinking::grin:


Sure, I’ll send the svg tomorrow.


Awesome! Thanks so much.


Cubs Marquee (22.7 KB)


I’m new to this and figured out how to cut the roughing out in the Iowa Hawk head in Easel, but when I Import the cubs SVG I cant figure out how to cut roughing for background at 3/8 and leave letters at 3/4. I also tried in Makercam an it just gives me an outline. If I import SVG in makercam and generate Gcode to GC will it automatically cut it like yours is cut? Sorry this one has me stumped. I figured the Iowa State out easily in Easel. Thanks for any help you could give me as I’m a noob and trying to learn.


I have a svg with makercam operations in it but it uses 3 different bits. I can post that one this weekend sometime. If you open it in makercam it should give you an idea of how it works.

You’ll need 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 in bits.


Thanks! I’ve got it figured out for the most part, but a few letters are not completed right and it keeps raising Z-Axis and jumping around design. Not sure if that’s normal. I’d still like the SVG you have with operations just to see difference. But I’m learning! Lol from not knowing a thing about a CNC a month ago to figuring it out on my own.
Thanks again for the SVG’s


Yes, the z going up and down is a problem I have with makercam too. You can run something like but it doesnt work well with bit changes. You will have to do clean up profile cuts with an 1/8 and 1/4 in bit on some of the letters.

For example. The 1/4 bit will not get the corners for the W or M so you can select them and get further into the corners by going back over it with a 1/8 bit. Make sure you dont do the entire pocket again with the 1/8 because that will take forever just do a profile.


Also is it normal for it to say large radius are replaced by straight line to improve accuracy?


Yes that is normal. Bar or dlang explained it somewhere in the forums.


As long as you dont clear gcode or change your home position. You should be able to edit the same svg file in maker cam with the clean up operations. Export gcode as the same name (take a copy of the orginal) then in Ground control there is a update gcode. It will allow you to run the new operations over your existing cuts.


Ok. I have cleared gcode several times to fix issues I’ve made to it. I just don’t change home and it seems to continue on same path. I’m going to have to figure out how to edit gcode to clean up letters, but i have used the edit and update in gc.
I want to thank you again for all your input and help.


Was wondering if you had time to send other SVG with Makercam operations?

Thanks, Scott


Unfortunately, I can’t find the complete SVG. I’ll have to redo it
I believe this is the gcode I used. I have quite a few gcode files and svg files for the marquee but this is the only one that said use this one so that must be the one I ended up liking… :thinking:
Optimized Marquee manual use this (390.7 KB)