Cut out some basics

This takes a lot of repetition but I was able to cut a couple objects. I found these 1/4" High Speed Steel Spiral Cut Bits at Harbor Freight (

I started with a 5" x 5" heart in TinkerCAD. I exported to .SVG file and put into KrabzCAM. Here, I was able to Load SVG. There are pre-populated profiles and I just picked ‘Profile Inside.’ Tool Diameter 6.3mm (1/4"), Target depth was the thickness of board. Step down - I started with 0.5mm but that was too little that I increased to 2mm and I liked that better. Feed rate is 400mm/min default but I increased to 1,000mm/min and worked fine. I then was able to click “Generate Toolpath” and “Save G-code” for a file to update to maslow UI.

In Maslow, I uploaded file and it showed up in drop down box below the “play/pause/stop” buttons. I wonder where the files are being stored - directly to the device??

Next, I make sure the z-axis is barely touching wood and set as home.

I turn the router on and click the Play button. Then it goes.

A couple times the Maslow stopped and blinked a red light. I don’t know why. I then had to reset everything - disconnecting from anchors, plug/unplug, retract, extend, connect to anchors and take slack.


This is great!! I know that every backer is looking to have their M4 cutting, I’d call this progress!
This is the first cut Ive seen from the campaign units(please correct me if wrong).
There is no doubt in my mind that @bar and team + the community will dial this thing in to the reproducibly <1mm accurate Maslow 4.


This is sooooo cool to see!

I agree, these are the first cut parts that I’ve seen.

There is a LOT of room for improvement in terms of making things simple and easy to use, but with everyone’s feedback things should keep steadily improving from here.