Cut to all four edges?

Waiting on the next batch, so question to those who actually have one…

I noticed a graphic in another post that showed the machine all the way to the bottom limit of the stock being cut. The concern was mounting arms colliding, but it looked like the sled would prevent the router from actually cutting to the bottom of the material.

Not having a machine myself, I have to ask from those who have one. Does the machine cut to all four edges of the stock? That would be a disappointment if it didn’t, of course. I have limited access to a large panel processing machine at school, and one thing we always try to do is take advantage of the clean straight edge of the material in our layout.

Is there a cut window for this machine INSIDE the dimensions of the 8’x4’ stock we are cutting?

It’s like the maslow is constructed. The sheet that you see is 8 'x 4’
I downloaded the model from I have just added sled modification

Yes and no.

Yes, you could set everything up so that you can cut to the full 4x8 edge.

But there are a lot of things to consider and you will likely be happier not doing that.

The two things I will mention are:

Accuracy goes down as you go farther from the center. This is caused by a number of things which are discussed everywhere on this forum, but no matter what you do, the accuracy will always be less at the edges that in the center.

Support - The sled rides on the material that it is cutting, so you can’t cut to the edge of something without additional support. So no matter what, you will always need your frame to be larger than what you are cutting.

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Technically you could cut to the edges of the 4x8 sheet if you provide support for the sled beyond that edge.
In practice, there’s still development within the community working to improve accuracy out at the side edges - variations in the sled attachments for instance could help with that.


So what is, in actual practice, the cut envelope?

since the sled is bottom heavy, you can cut to the top of your material

if the material doesn’t stick out beyond the 2x4 rail at the bottom, you can’t
get closer than the radius of your sled to the bottom (by default 9"). If it
does, you can go lower, how low depends on if the bottom rail supports the
sled or not, if not, you don’t want the center of gravity of the sled beyond the

on the sides, you can get very close, nobody has reported how close, the sled
will get tippyas more of it is unsupported.

we haven’t had anyone really report on this yet, most people are still in the
earlier stages of building the machine and trying to get it accurate.