Cutting Area on 4x8 sheet

Hi Everyone,
Is there a way to enlarge the surface area of the cutting surface so there’s less waste? Thanks

first off you need to identify what is causing the waste.

one possible problem you may be referring to is the sled tilting as it goes off
the bottom (and to a lesser degree, the sides)

you can setup a ‘skirt’, a material 6 or so inches wide that is at the same
height as the material you are cutting to allow you to go off the edge of the
workpiece without the sled tilting.

David Lang

Could I change the calibration and make it so the board is basically a 4.5’ 8.5’ as the software would see it?


Yes, although with the stock frame dimensions, you may not be able to get it to
cut that entire area, with a taller and wider frame (and longer chains) you can

play around with the spreadsheet to find something that has min/max forces
within the range of the stock frame (higher min forces are better, lower max
forces are better)