Workable area of a full sheet of ply

I am interested in using my Maslow to cut parts for boats. Many of the trickier parts are actually small, but if I was able to cut full size panel parts, that would be very interesting in certain cases. Normally one wants as little waste as possible and the ability to cut right out to the edges of the sheet, particularly on the Zero/96" axis. Does the machine do that, or if not, has anyone used trim strips, so that the router would be reasonably supported out near the edge of the sheets. I would be able to stabilize parts so that they would not collapse onto the bit. In fact I may not fully cut all parts, and take out the web with a trim router, in part to avoid cutting problems and also to reduce the sawdust load around the machine.

I did ask in the boat, forum and will check for answers there, but I am not sure many people there are really using the machines yet.

There are lots of people that built a skirt around the work area to get close to the edge. There is no reason why you can’t use a full board. I think everyone wants as little waste as possible, not just boat builders :slight_smile:


you can go off the top of the 4x8 sheet, within an couple inches to the side
(almost to the very edge), and 4-5 inches from the bottom (depending on the
balance of your sled)

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I haven’t personally tested it yet, but some folks are speaking highly of increasing the top beam to 12’ to get better performance right to the left and right edges

Thanks for the reassurance!

Have a look at:

This is my frame design for full access. Most mod one of the designs.


Thank you

What would be the max beam length with the supplied chain? 11’? 11.5?

like everything else, the maslow is built ‘just good enough’, so the stock chain
is good for a 10’ top beam.

to go with a longer top beam, you will need more chain.

David Lang

Randomly selected source, in this case US eBay

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That includes a couple connecting links. I’ve used nails to take the pins out of motorcycle chains so that should eliminate the need for additional expenses. If you’re not in the US giggle (or moose moose go) is your friend