Cutting copper sheets, getting to know my V-bit and an unfortunate event

Some experimenting cutting metal for the first time. I have these old reclaimed copper sheets that I was able to cut some basic shapes into mostly successfully.

I then got the ammonia and salt out and made it blue.

Had a go with a V-bit I got in a set and hadn’t used before.


Which led to this…

Then today I started to work on a shelf on my rolling wall where my laptop could safely sit while using the Maslow. I proceeded to knock over my laptop while preparing to cut the shelf. The irony is not lost on me. Everything seems to still be working but it now has some ‘character’.

So if anyone has any ideas what you might cut out of a 2.5 X 4 foot sheet of copper, please share.


I’d probably make a lighthouse?

Thank you

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Interesting. I tested out a thin sheet of aluminum with a 1/8" straight bit. Wild failure. I had melted aluminum cake onto the bit and the sled (and bit) skipping along the surface of the aluminum.

Anyways, my idea was to work with developable forms. Think cardboard box. Flat stock folded in a way to create a form. I was trying to make a coin bank.

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It was maybe just beginners luck. I like the idea of treating it like cardboard. I’d been looking at paper craft designs to see if theres something interesting. Maybe end up with some copper sheet origami.


That Totoro engraving is so cool.

I have a long list of Studio Ghibli engravings I want to make for myself and my daughter. First on the list is a Princess Mononoke mask.


I would think you could do some nice pepakura-style designs. There’s some good software for that.

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Copper roof for the plypad? It’d be pretty cool to create both a small home and a civic-building-class roof for it, all on one machine :wink:

Pizza oven?

You’ll probably get some ideas at Bushmills, too :wink:



All great ideas. :slight_smile:

I’d never heard of Pepakura, that has potential too.

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for aluminum you CANNOT USE A STRAIGHT BIT!
SINGLE Upcut bits are best. a 3/16 or 4mm bit will break less than a 1/8" bit, basically because it will clog less often since it takes a bigger chip out of the aluminum. They are cheap too $16 for 10.

you can get the 4mm to 6.35mm router bushings off amazon too.