Dimensioned drawing of sled

My attempt at a dimensioned drawing for the sled. It’s a bit busy, and there are some odd numbers in there. Although we have a DXF file for the sled I think it’s important to know the actual sizes of the thing we’re making.dimensioned_sled.pdf (124.1 KB)


Having cut the final sled and spent the evening figuring out how to centre the Bosch router onto it I have taken the black plastic bottom off the router with the intention of making a dimensioned drawing of it. Then it will be possible to make a CAD file which will cut the centre opening and mounting holes specifically for the Bosch.

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Ok. I have a draft of the router base drawing, with dimensions taken from the black plastic bottom layer. One thing to bear in mind is that that piece has a slight chamfer, so the measurements on the top are not the same as on the bottom.

For the curious, the key dimensions are:
Diameter of base 161mm
Diameter of hole 53mm
‘Upper’ mounting hole centre 53mm above centre
‘Lower’ mounting holes centre 53mm below centre and 40mm either side of centre line
Diameter of mounting holes 8mm

I’d recommend drilling 6mm or 1/4" mounting holes and counterboring them in the same way as for the brick clamp bolts.