R22002 Bolt Pattern Template

I didn’t see a template posted anywhere of the bolt pattern for the R22002 so I created one. It made the sled layout a lot easier when I used it in conjunction with the “Sled With Center Alignment Jig” design in the community garden. This was created by first measuring and to verify my measurements I called Ridged to get the dimensions of the bolt pattern. If printing the PDF, make sure it is not scaled. Print 1:1.

R22002_router_bolt_pattern_final.dxf (20.1 KB)
R22002_router_bolt_pattern_final.pdf (1.6 KB)


Very cool.

We are putting some files together to ship on a USB drive with our new kits.

Do you mind if we include these?


Sure. I also have another sled layout with pockets of where the ring mounts go. I didn’t have a chance to make it yet but this would ensure that the ring is placed exactly where it needs to be. In the “Sled With Center Alignment Jig” design in the community garden, there are holes to line up the ring mounts which can lead to some error. If you want to see it let me know and I will post it. The problem with it is that instead of cutting the sled from the bottom, you would need to cut it from the top. Therefore, you couldn’t easily cut the counterbores for the brick carriage bolts. I would just use a fly cutter or large drill bit for that though.



Yes, please! :grin::+1:t2:


Here you go. If someone wants to test and give feedback I would appreciate it. I placed the mounting holes for the router on the drawing. Be careful drilling those with a 1/4" bit as the R22002 bolts are smaller. You could do a small counter bore to mark the holes though. The only thing that might need tweaked on this drawing is the size of the pockets. They may need to be slightly more larger to accommodate the mounts.

Sled With Center Alignment Jig - with ring mount pockets.dxf (29.8 KB)

dxf says diameter is 117.3176 mm or 4.6188in
seems like a weird diameter?
but then Rigid decided to make the router diameter 3 5/8" instead of 3.5" like all other manufacturers use, so who knows.

Bolt pattern is 4" O.C… whatever diameter that comes out to be. I am seeing the same diameter as well.

well I think your drawing might be wrong then. Pretty sure 4" on center means 4" diameter right?

wait maybe this is what they mean?!

Yes, Ridgid was confusing but they meant 4" O.C. from each mounting bolt. Not sure why you’re not getting 4" for all three. I am seeing all 3 @ 4" when I dimension mine.

im sorry guys im new here. but is that file something i can load into maker cam? or do i need another type of software to cut it out on the maslow?

I used the "Sled With Center Alignment Jig” from the Community forum. After it was cut, I printed my template 1:1 and lined up the center hole. Then drilled the router mount holes. Came out near perfectly centered.

Ok, thanks for the response! But to be clear, you’re saying you had to hand drill the router holes in the cnc cut sled with a template you printed on paper?

Yes but only because I didn’t have a router bit the size of the mounting bolts. If you have a bit, you could take the template, overlay the mounting holes and then use a CAM software to cut it.

I have a 1/8" bit for my router , i think that should be small enough to cut the holes for the router. when you say "overlay " the mounting holes is that something that the free program “easel” can do? outside that i have not gotten into any other programs due to cost. i have used solid works, autocad, and sketchup3D in the past but i no longer am current and need to re teach myself. but i wanted to to some more research into finding the best program to run this specific CNC. so for now im getting by with the Easel program which is why i ask.

I am not familiar with Easel. I use Fusion 360 (free). It had CAD, Modeling, and CAM all in one.