Maslow Ring System

@bar Before I order, what size router fits between the ring, ? Maybe mention that on the sales page too. :slight_smile:

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When you go to check out it will ask you what size ring you need. We are collecting the sizes that people need and we will make several sizes based on what everyone asks for. It’s going to take a couple weeks longer if you need a custom size, but we’ll get it to you




Don’t mind me. I’m just experimenting with manually adding a photo per discussions elsewhere.


Are the Ring Systems out of stock indefinitely now? I’m not seeing a listing for them on the store page for Maslow.

We’re going to try to get them back as soon as possible but it will be at least a couple weeks before we can give you a date.

Bar, can you test the linkage kit I gave you at makerfaire? If it works as well
as the ring, it will be much cheaper to make (especially to support large
routers, I really hate that you are loosing money on each large ring you sell)

David Lang


I have not had a chance to but that is a great point!

There are the two triangulation kits, the wood one linked to in the store and my
metal ‘top mount kit’

links to both of them are in the sticky post in the swap meet category.

David Lang

Thanks for the info. I have the wooden triangulation kit and was just curious about the ring kits and where they stand for early Maslow users. Thanks for the quick update!

May I suggest adding a note in the assembly instructions to sand the inner side of the ring? The painting is quite uneven but a light sanding for a few minutes works wonders on the surface! That will make the bearings slide much more freely and not in jerky motions.


Great suggestion I’ve created pull request #3 to add a note to the instructions

what is the recommended thickness of the metal to get these laser cut out of? Also 18 screws to hold this down seems excessive. I’m guessing any L bracket would work and theses were just picked because they are the same bracket used for the z axis?

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I think you could absolutely use less than 18 screws. The idea of reusing the same bracket as the z-axis was the reason for those. The thickness is around .1 inch steel

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one can buy v-groove bearings here
found dimensions from this thread

Aliexpress has thinner bearings 8mm instead of 14mm for about half the price.

you can also buy the shoulder bolts from china

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Where can I buy a replacement ring?

I left the CNC machine unattended for 10m and the chain got wrapped up itself and mangled the ring.

Hey there. We can send you a new ring. Email me at with your shipping address please!


Emailed : )

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Something similar happened to me. I believe I have it straightened out though.
I am going to redo my calibrations because the sled I tried to cut after was an oval. I expect one of the chains jumped

hey guys, what kind of screws you’re using to fix router on sled (bought with the kit)?