Z axis, Kreg precision router lift, basis for a sled

precision router lift

I haven’t seen one of these in the flesh yet, but it looks like the top(router) side of the adjustment threaded shaft might have a threaded hole ideal for mounting a gear and making it a servo driven router lift. Can anyone confirm?

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price of a second maslow!!! :dizzy_face:

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That is unfortunate and true. But if it works, it lets me quickly grab the router and lift off the Maslow and drop it in to a router table whenever I need to do that kind of work.

One could look at it as saving the cost of a second router if one might have bought the lift anyway.

Big picture, If a company like Kreg sees people using their router lift in Maslows, they might move their product evolution in the direction of Maslow friendly features. And that is good for everyone, even those just looking to implement their own cheaper version of the Kreg example.

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Oh, that just gave me an idea.
Whatever sled design you have,
if the chains can be easily removed and reattached,
You can just add permanent wooden legs to the sled to make it a router table.
Even if you don’t use it as a router table, legs give you a safe way to set down the sled without damaging a bit, dinging the router, or messing up allignment.


I love that idea! I was thinking about doing a table with a hole in it that I could set the sled down on top of to get a router table.