Don't use the Kivy-Pi 1.0 build for Ground Control

I am new to Maslow and haven’t received my kit yet but I thought I would prepare by setting up a Raspberry Pi with the Ground Control Software. I followed the installation instructions given an used the Kivy-Pi 1.0 release as the base but several issues popped up almost immediately.
First, I couldn’t set up WiFi. Every time the Raspberry Pi rebooted it replaced the /etc/network/interfaces file with the default ssid and password that Kivy-pi came with. Second, after I connected via Ethernet and loaded GroundControl. The buttons for the Actions and Settings menus were scrambled and unreadable.
I tried this on a Raspberry Pi 2b and 3b with this same results.
I started over with the Kivy-pi .9b and all of my issues went away.
I just thought you all would like to know…


Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know about the issue there. I am sure that someone else has run into the same trouble along the way, or would have without your advice to use v0.9

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