Draftsight G Code Generator

Hi folks,

I’m fed up using lousy free software to generate G-Codes.

And I have a one year subscription for the Draftsight 2D CAD Software. It includes a 2D G-Code generator and I decided to lear how to use it.

The generator asks for a “Preamble” and a “Postscript line”.

Can someone tell me how these are for the Maslow???

G90 (absolute coordinates ) **normally, exceptions exist
G20 for imperial and G21 for metric **it can not convert your drawing, it’s defined by your CAD/CAM
G0 Z5 for a safety height in metric for 5mm and G0 Z ~0.19685 for imperial, is good to have just in case the programs do not include it or you have not set it
My bare minimum in the header of a g-code


G0 Z0.5 would be safer if we’re in imperial mode :grin:

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Is more than enogh for me if I have a sheet that is not to wavy. 12.7mm is far to much for me.

As usual, you’re right :slightly_smiling_face: I only read as far as Z5 and remembered crashing my router’s lead screw. I should slow down… :no_mouth:

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No that was simple! Thanks…