Drifting Profile Cut - What can I do?

I’m using the FREE version of Easel to import my SVG files and export GCODE. I’m performing Shallow Pocket Fills to various depths that all stayed true to shape on each depth pass but my only profile cut that needed to cut through my .25" piece of plywood drifted up on each pass giving me a sloped edge on the top of the profile… the vertical strokes stayed true but the horizontal passes kept drifting up on each pass.

Any suggestions?

I have a similar issue in the vertical axis, but I believe it is a sled center of mass issue. Not sure what yours would be unless you are near the edge of your workpiece and the sled is tipping slightly.

This may not be related to your gcode.
What router, z-axis and bit are you using?

I have seen this happening when I had the original z-Axis with the ridgid router which had too much slop in the z-Axis. Specific bits could pull the bit up by ~3mm (1/8"). I am using the 3D printed z-Axis solution now from the garden and I don’t have that issue anymore.
With the router unplugged of course can you move the bit in z-direction after it is installed?

I recently adjusted my center of gravity on the ring as I was getting tilt on the sled on a previous run but I may have over compensated so it is definitely not tipping. I was thinking it might be the angle of my work surface… I have it tilted forward slightly but it still doesn’t make sense that the path is drifting… I’m going to upload some photos

I tried to move the bit in the chuck and there is not movement at all… I did smaller shapes with multiple passes that worked great, it was the largest path that drifted.

I’m using a .125" bit with the Ridgid Router and the newest Z-Axis motor kit included with the deluxe package

I’m going to upload photos

The bottom edge is clean because the router bit is shaving off the error of movement with each pass but the top edge is beveled as the z-axis drops with each pass (see photo)

Here is the bottom edge