Dutch build - fyi

Hey guys,

I started building my Maslow (in the Netherlands) a couple of weeks ago and now is a good time to share my progress.

The beam is 360cm (~12’) and the angle of the frame is 10 degrees. The frame to support the plywood was left by the previous owner of our house. I was thinking of a use for it and now I have :slight_smile:. This gives me the opportunity to make a skirt which can be mounted on any spot on the frame (pending) to surround the workpiece.

The router is a Bosch POF 1200 with the z-axis kit form @Dag83.

I had some trouble with the conversion (the brushes popped) of the router, so the first one gave blue smoke after running for several hours. Didn’t make the same mistakes twice, so now the z-axis is running flawless on my second router. Subsequently,I had to adjust the Z-axis pitch (to -8).

Based on all the comments in the community I adjusted the tension-system.

@dlang commented several times that a counterweight works better than tensioning strings. The chain scrapes the beam, so I found a “McGiver” solution in ducttape. The weight of the paving stone is approximately 4 kilos (8.8 lbs), which should be “in the ballpark” based on the sheet circulating in the community.

The first results are promissing. Running a 6mm single flute 5mm deep at 1000mm/min (40ipm), but based on the accuracy I think this is too high. I am currently working on the picknick-to-go-bench. Next project will be the benchmark :wink:.

Maybe somebody can use my post in their build or give me suggestions to improve accuracy.



I think you can just order new brushes, no need to buy a whole new router.

Also, i love counterweights too, but the way you installed them they don’t pull in line with the sprockets, if you get problems with chain skips that will probably be the cause.

For the rest, this looks like a really nice build, this doesn’t need to be in no judgement :slight_smile:

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I had also some trouble removing the brushes and slightly damaged the top part. It is still running, but measured to be sure if I ever have to buy spares. If I’m not mistaken they are 6.3 x 12 x 17 mm. Already searched a bit on Ali, and they have some which are close to those dimensions.

I agree with @Dag83 it’s a good build welcome to the fray.

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