Easel not connecting to maslow M2

first time user trying for days to get this system set up. I’m now trying to do a 12" square for a test cut/ measurement and am trying to use Easel. First of all, half of the settings for machine set up are not explained… like Rail size and lead screw. What does this have to do with the M2 system? Anyway… when I try to connect I just get a message that says “Connecting”… but it also says “plug in the usb and power on the unit.” Well it is! So that leave me dead in the water. I went to inventables web site and they list a bunch of things that could be wrong and are asking me to change the settings on my server to my house? What the hell! There has got to be an easier way then this? Sorry I’m sure my frustration is showing as I’m typing. Easel? really that is the best there is? I wanted to use Web control, but it appears that system only works on Bill Gates computers. So I can’t use that program that everyone says is better. I dont know what to do. if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

I am an Easel user as well. I create my stuff using Easel, but you have to export a file from Easel and use GroundControl, MakerVerse, or WebControl to send the GCode file to your Maslow.

You can’t use Easel to control the Maslow. Instead, under Machine you select Advanced, Generate G-Code and Export G-Code - The resulting .nc file is than used by one of the other software mentioned above.



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Thank you Marie, I think I understand. I will try that.

Good luck and keep us posted.