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Easel simulation time vs real cut time M2

Hello, I’m curious at what I’m doing wrong on the Easel to Makerverse simulation time. I simulate in Easel which tells me 11 minutes of cut time and then I download the g-code. I open the file in Makerverse to start cutting but the time is up to 5x longer than calculated simulation time. It seems like the M2 cuts and sits, cuts and sits.

it takes time to process each line of gcode on the arduino, and so if you have
lots of tiny movements, it gets really slow (commonly happens with curved

Lee’s gcode cleaner removes moves that are ‘too small’ among other things,
greatly reducing the number of lines in some cases.

make sure your corners are sharp angles rather then curved, and try out the
gcode cleaner and I’ll lay good odds that you find things significantly

David Lang


Thanks for the quick response! I’ll give it a shot.

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