Slow cutting easel > makerverse

Was very happy to get my first cnc up and cutting. maslow m2.
I am starting off using easel, which has been ok for its simplistic nature. I did pay for a month of pro to get access to more options.
I have a very simple design in a 4"x4" square, and in easel it says 10 minutes to cut. when I send it to the machine using makerverse, it now says 3+ hours, and goes over the same lines 10x.

using dewalt DW618 on speed 6 (18k rpm), 1/8" 60 deg V bit, in easel set the the feed speed to 4,000 mm/min (157.5 " / min ) depth .7mm per pass (.028")

the maslow struggles to do 400mm/min, 4000 is a crazy estimate, so your estimate
is going to be off by 10x or so from just that.

0.7mm per pass is going to be a lot of passes

Also, if you are trying to do super detailed work (lots of tiny line segments),
it’s really easy to end up making movements that are too small to notice, but it
takes time to process each movement. Are your corners square? or do they have a
small radius at the corners? if there is a small radius, that could take dozens
to hundreds of movement commands to round the corner.

David Lang


I changed it to 400, bumped up the time to 30 minutes. I added the border for the picture, but in easel I have to cut it separately with a bit change.