ER-11 router (blue one) z-axis setup

My Maslow CNC came with the MakerMade-branded ER-11 router. I’m having trouble finding instructions for attaching the router and motor to the sled. Can anyone point me to instructions for this? Thank you!

I see nobody has answered. Perhaps @MakerMadeCNC can help you out

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Hi Dave, I believe you ordered a jumpstart kit. If you bundle that with the Makermade router, you will need a trimmer base which will require significant modifications, Jumpstart kits are usually paired with a Ridgid R22002 Fixed Base Router as recommended on our website.

Just to clarify what is going on here, this is a MakerMade product not a Maslow CNC product. MakerMade is using our brand name without our permission on their products, and we are currently in the process of taking them to court over that.

I am sorry if you believed that you were purchasing a Maslow CNC machine. If you would like to buy an actual Maslow CNC, is the only place you can do that. They’re quite a bit cheaper and also better :face_with_peeking_eye:…but we are sold out at the moment.

MakerMade is trying to use our brand name to sell their old machines. Hopefully we will be able to get an injunction to make them stop soon.