Opinions on which kit to order?

Hello all. I bought the recommended router last year, and am now ready to order a Maslow kit. But which one!?

I’m not worried about a ~$150 price difference, I just want the best version I can get. Ring or arms? Metal Maslow, or not?

I realize this is going to be largely a matter of opinion, but I’d like advice from anyone willing to give it!

I’ve got the recommended Ridgid Router. Also I’m not very good at drilling holes with great precision.

I also kinda like the idea of making it bigger for more accurate cutting near the edges of a 4’ x 8’ sheet, but not sure if that might be more headache than it’s worth since I’ll have a “non-standard” machine

Not sure my opinion carries much weight. From a marketing perspective when I purchased, I didn’t dig deep enough to know there were options other than MakerMade. I bought their quick start kit and I’ve suffered through some of the z-axis issues that plague the recommended router… it is inconsistent and must be upgraded to work properly and reliably. After building a better z axis based on recommendations and customizations of plans that are available, these things can be overcome and you can make it work. Had I known, I would have purchased a metal maslow up front, because for the money, you get all the extras which includes the power switch for the router, the longer chains. Some have had concerns over documentation, but most users I’ve heard of don’t really have issues after they get it going with that set and this forum is the place for help. I recently got a metal sled and I’m waiting on parts to build it out. As it sits, I have a makermade system and sled and it works great after the third iteration. My recommendation: get the best Z axis you can afford and NOT USE the rigid router base: whether that is the M2 or the metal maslow, you owe it to yourself to pony some cash to avoid that train wreck (maybe a bit too strong of wording - not trying to offend folks who have it and like it).

If the rigid is all you have for now and you want to get started, you totally can and there is no shame in that. There are lots and lots of posts and ideas on how to keep it working and many have made it work.

oh and shameless plug for the manual wiki post where many of these other z axis options are shown…

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Hey, I’m in the same boat and would love to hear from the community on which kit has overcome and improved many of the shortcomings of the maslow setups. I want to use this set up to mostly cut larger decorative panels (up to a full 4x8) for our business and it’s worth the extra $$ to get it right the first time for me. I do understand the improvements of the 12’ cross beam for more accuracy, but until i get my hands on it I am unable to understand what each “z axis upgrade” really offers and improves.@dlang @bar

Really it comes down to if you started over again from the beginning which kit would you use to get you up and running for the best performance? Thanks!

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