Error:8 on Z Axis move

Ok so all built and firmware update complete.

When I try and move the Z axis after restarting and unlocking alarm I get a bleep and error:8 in the feedback box

also there is a typo and the “Down” button says “Dow”

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This sounds to me like it could be an issue with the maslow.yaml file. Does everything seem OK with that file?

Maybe try a full power off and back on to re-load that file?

Did a full reset and reloaded the web page and all good

Now can only retract one belt using retract all….!!

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Well that’s progress at least we have a new issue :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you see printed out in the console when you retract all?

If you press retract all again does it retract more?

This seems like it could be the same issue

Belts and coils are loose - calibration is just “sitting there” not actually doing anything but the fan is running

Is this during calibration or after pressing “retract all”?

I made some improvements to the calibration process in the new firmware which came out yesterday, is this with that version?

Do you see anything printed to the console?

the lowest reel retracts but no others

The terminal when I start it up in calibration does this and then stops

MSG:INFO: Point: 91(625, -150)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 92(625, -100)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 93(625, -50)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 94(625, 0)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 95(625, 50)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 96(625, 100)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 97(625, 150)]
[MSG:INFO: Point: 98(625, 200)]

Any idea why we don’t edit the yaml using the FluidNC config settings in the console …?

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Hmmm That looks like the correct start.

Is this in the vertical or horizontal configuration?

That’s a FluidNC issue that I want to fix. If you change the settings in FluidNC they don’t actually write to the file so when you restart the changes aren’t saved :confused:

When that reel retracts does the sled move to a new location? If you tug on the the other belts do they extend?

Horizontal config

And they don’t move - occasionally top left pulls in some but nothing else

And thanks for update on FluidNC - I’ll edit my yaml again !!

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I found an issue that sounds exactly like this and fixed it in Release v0.64 - Improved Calibration and Self Test · BarbourSmith/FluidNC · GitHub are you 100% sure that you are running 0.64? If so then maybe I didn’t fully fix it.

Assuming 0.64 was first to implement a test button then yes as that is on the UI and it was also the last firmware on GitHub this afternoon.

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You are correct, if you have a test button then you have the latest (at least index.hml file). I really need to add a better way to check version numbers ASAP.

Can you try changing the initial guess for your frame in the maslow.yaml to something slightly different…Say if it was 3000mmx2000mm to 3100mmx2100mm?

Is there a minimum you can calibrate on as currently it’s a large table that is 1700/880 …!

And yes - took all the files from GitHub and uploaded but like others had the MacOS unzip issue until I downloaded it on my phone !

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Good question! I’ve never tried anything that small.

What do you have the offset from the corners set to? The default is 500 but on a table 880mm that’s going to be a negative number because 500 in from each side will be past the center which I bet will cause issues.

That now makes logical sense !!

Will edit and retry. I did use the FluidNC editor but if it doesn’t save the values then it of course won’t work …

In the calibration routine it may be worth doing a check for negative values before it starts and throwing an error …?

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Great suggestion. I will add a warning today which will be in the next update.

I’m also working on making it so you can adjust the number of points because 100 points on such a small area is going to be a bit silly :slight_smile:

I’ve added a warning message in this case here which will be in the next firmware release. Great suggestion :smiley:

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