Error compiling for board ardurino mega or mega 2560

getting an Error Compiling

C:…fatal error: Maslow.h: no such file no directory
#include “Maslow.h”
exit status 1
Error compiling board for Arduino mega 2560

so what do I do now?

Did you unzip/extract the firmware before uploading?


no , duh, feeling pretty dumb… extracted and then after reloading the comp port bingo another step completed and thanks for the reply


Happens quite often, seems to be not clear in the description.
Happy wood chipping!

I think this is a Windows Explorer.exe thing, I’m not aware of being able to access a file within a .zip archive in macOS or, I think Linux. Maybe the Windows instructions need to be touched up for this?


Your right, on my short visit to win10 I noticed that the file browser keeps opening for you to see all files.
This does not happen with the other 2 candidates.
If you don’t pay close attention to the tiny zipper or the menu, you hardly get to know that you are viewing the content of a compressed file.