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Error messige trying to load Firmware


I’m doing something wrong!!! I keep getting this message when trying to load new firmware.

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Hi there. You are trying to upload the frimware from within the compressed (ziped) file, which will not work.
You need to extract (un-zip) the firmware to it’s own folder before and then it will work.



Thanks. I will do that.

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That worked. Thanks again.

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Hi guys, I tried the above and still get the error. I unzipped and saved the new folder onto my desktop. Im on an iMac, running High Sierra…thoughts?



Can you upload a screen-shot of the error?



I think this is a different code…sorry- still need any help you can afford me!

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Check the port. Thescetch is ok and un-zipped, but there is no communication with the arduino.
Take a screen shot of _>tool _> port



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I think I magically got it!!!

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That port looks better then the bluetooth one



Im not even sure what I did there? I just pressed the upload button again to get a fresh screenshot for you and it went through. Ive been trying the same thing for like an hour! thanks for the help!!!

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