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Firmware download

Can’t get pass the last action as this comes up any ideas please.

where did you download the firmware from? i ask as it appears that you only have the main file and not any of the other header or .cpp files that go with it. the error you are getting is telling you that the compiler is trying to include the Maslow.h file but it cant find it.

The needed dependencies are not loaded.

A common error is to double click on the downloaded .zip file then on the cnc_ctrl_v1.ino file, this will NOT load the dependencies.

The .zip file must be unzipped to a folder first , then clicking on the cnc_ctrl_v1.ino file will open the Arduino IDE along with all the needed libraries correctly.

It should look like the following picture. Notice all the libraries loaded.

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Thanks so much eastbay sourse .

It seems to be working fine, now I can put it on the frame and do a dry run and then sort the router out!!