Exhaust for decreasing noise and formaldehyde exposure

A while ago I published a post on the exposure of formaldehyde we are at risk at due to the tooling of plywood with the Maslow in an enclosed environment. You can trap most of the formaldehyde dust but not the formaldehyde gas the tooling generates. I didn’t post what I had done at that time so here it is. The 3D printed collars can be downloaded at; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4166732 and were designed to fit a 2" OD exhaust repair pipe (less that $8 at my local auto shop). I know this system will not work for everybody, but it works great for me, and hopefully yours.

This is the setup I use to port all the fine dust and formaldehyde gas to the outside. The 2" exhaust repair pipe press fits my vacuum exhaust just as well as the vacuum hose connector and does not need additional securing. You can trap the most of the sawdust but you can’t trap the formaldehyde gas generated by the tooling of the plywood. This system also greatly reduced the noise that the vacuum made. I made two of the collars and placed one outside and the other inside for a tight fit. The outside end does have some wire mesh for a mouse barrier. There are screw hole in the collar but I’m not using them. The vacuum sets right behind the frame in the middle. Coupling this set up with the tighter router base I posted has greatly improved the environment in the shop where my Maslow is located.


nice setup. Im gonna have to try this