Noise suppression/Adhesion with shelving liner material

I read that the cause of noise is mainly from the vibration of the work piece. I’ve used shelving liner in the past for my routing table to help with the vibrations/sound/adhesion. Would there be any issues with using the same technique on the Maslow?

the only problem could be if it makes the workpiece uneven as it compresses
differently where you anchor the workpiece down

but in general it should work, and it’s sure worth doing a test on to see what
difference it makes.

for me, the shop vac is louder than the router

David Lang

I’ve seen some who enclosed the whole unit but what about considering only making an enclosure for the sled? I’m sure it wouldn’t be as good as a full enclosure but should help to significantly reduce the volume of the whole setup. The reason why I feel this way is due to my recent shop vacuum enclosure I made which lowered the volume from 90 decibels down to the low 60s just from using a long ported design enclosure with mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam attached and randomly placed long striped barriers in various directions to break up the sound wave travel. I really don’t want to disturb my neighbors so thinking of all the possible ways of making this thing more quiet. Your thoughts?