Export SVG in Fusion 360?

I just spent four or five hours of my life processing a DXF in fusion 360, and now I would like to export the SVG to create the G code on Easel, seems like Fusion does not oblige itself to expeort SVG files, what am I missing? IF I start with Fusion 360, doI have to finish? Going through all of the processing and such including skipping maslow ground control? Any help would be appreciated, I need to convert my Fusion 360 sketch to an SVG in order to generate g code. EASEL only takes SVG files.

with fusion 360, you shouldn’t export to svg, you should generate teh g-code
inside fusion360.

svg and dxf are 2d formats, fusion 360 is a 3d CAD software, you can’t easily
convert from 3D to 2d. But fusion 360 has CAM functionality, so it can generate
the g-code directly. There’s even a maslow specific target available (but the
grbl target should also work)

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Ok so i gotta learn the fusion 360 cad function and export the g-code because i did not see that as an output option. Bu the time that i get that one figured, i MAY be ready for retirement. Why do i feel controlled by our friends at autodesk now?

You should be able to export the dwg or dxf format and load it into onshape. Onshape has the ability to export to svg.

I tried onshape at the outset of this project and it seems to not want to process the file pretty much at all. I am going to see if I can CAM it native in Fusion 360. What is there an add-on that allows for Maslow G code execution?

CAM in Fusion 360 is pretty straight forward. This video tutorial does a good job of running you through the basics:

It’s specifically about milling aluminum, but the ideas are similar.

For the Maslow, you either want to use the GRBL post-processor or install the Maslow-specific one


Great video here on how to use Fusion 360 CAM to output to gcode for the Maslow.

I’ve followed this method and it worked.


onshape cannot export a 3d model to svg, it can output a sketch to dxf/dwg, but
if he could do that, he would be able to import it into inkscape, etc

if you have it in fusion 360, it should be a pull-down menu option to do the CAM

there are a lot of youtube videos on the subject