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Fake servo and holey calib. Questions

  1. What is fake servo mode and when would I use it?

  2. When doing the holey calibration, what size but do I use? Also when I measure the resulting cut is it from center to center of the holes, edge to edge, or something else?


Fake servo mode allows you to run webcontrol as a simulator. Useful if you need to test gcode and make a trial run without actually cutting anything. I have webcontrol on a laptop, but an rpi on my actual Maslow. So usually would make a run through on the laptop before I actually put it on the rpi.
Usual 1/4 bit works, doesn’t matter. Orob just posted this image in another thread.

Edit: I have a spare arduino hooked to the laptop, so I can run the simulation while watching TV the night before, before heading out to the garage, the next day.



As a follow up, how deep does it make the hole?


I just measured one at 5 mm deep.