Finally finished first project

My wife and I purchased a new house shortly after I finished cutting out my first project so we just got around to staining and painting it. The wait was worth it though. The new house has a dedicated workshop. Not going to say that I bought the new house for my Maslow, but it does look nice in the workshop. The best part of the project was being able to have my wife and daughter involved. My wife was a big help with staining and painting and my 6 year old daughter offered moral support and compliments while she watched.

The frame is made out of weathered fence boards from our old home and I installed led lights around the boarder. The LED lights are run off a rechargeable 12 v battery since my wife did not want a cord running to it. Lights are controlled by hepatic switch with a dimmer.


That looks fantastic! I really like the look of the boards

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Very nice! Im a HUGE fan of leds!!! Lol

That looks lovely!

Also welcome to the forums, @Boomer37!

Thanks for the compliments and for sharing your affordable CNC plans/software to make all of these creations possible.

Me to. Making lamps with LEDs for friends is how I got interested in making things in the first place. The first one was for my daughter’s room but I don’t have any pictures. Here are some other ones I made for friends as baby shower gifts.

I’ve got a few lighting ideas I am looking forward to trying to make with the maslow.


Awesome work. I love the sign over the headboard. My girlfriend and I use that as well.