My First Lamp Project

You guys (and gals :blush:), I can’t believe this is coming to fruition. A year ago, I never even thought about things like CNC or 3D modeling. I’m feeling happy and grateful. Cutting starts tomorrow! Will update when assembled :smile:

I’m sure there are similar things out there but this is my own design that has morphed a couple times over the last few weeks.

P.S. - The parts will not be cut in the upper left corner of the maslow space. That part of the sheet will be separated and centered on the work surface. I will cut the square baffles that make up the shade on a table saw while the machine cuts the rest. The legs are 1/2" ply and the other parts are 3/4".


More details and project pics here:


Very cool design. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

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Great job on the design. Can’t wait to see the reality

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I somehow missed this.
Great job @WoodCutter4!

This is definitely something that belongs on the community garden :slight_smile:

Gorgeous. Nice work! Any plans to stain the shade to create a two tone effect?


Hey there would you like to share these drawings ? thanks :slight_smile:

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That would be awesome!
This lamp is very beautiful and reminds me of the old windmills