First project finally painted and finished. Caution! For there be DRAGONS!

Just a final pic of my first project, took me forever to finally get around to painting it.


Wow, just wow!


I suppose I should add some details on the piece. It’s made of 3/4" MDF, I used a 1/4" 2 flute Carbide spiral up bit, all the black area is the face of the material, the Dragon’s face is milled/pocketed to a 1/4" deep, The Blue area is 1/2" deep. The paints used are mildly pearled and can shift color slightly giving it a great effect in the light with all the shadows cast from the different depths and the mild color flip.


That’s great! Thanks for the details also. This is definitely the type of thing I had in mind when I bought my Maslow.

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