Firmware Maslow.h: No such file or directory

Everything was running at one time, but felt the need to recalibrate- then left motor went erratic so decided to reload everything, and reset cables. Having issues getting firmware back on- deleted everything and trying to follow instructions to start over… Once software is loaded, correct board and serial port #5 are preselected (as before when it worked)

Step 2: Download The Arduino IDE

Download and install the last Arduino IDE from Older versions of Arduino IDE have problems with libraries when compiling the firmware, so make sure you have the latest version.

(using windows app- also tried stand alone option for windows- same error)

Step 3: Download The Latest Maslow Firmware

You can do this at Click the zip file for the most recent release to download

Using source code zip file

The firmware is probably not unzipped/extracted.

Extract it and then upload the firmware from that unzipped folder.

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Nope. Unzipped.

Every time I’ve seen this issue here (it’s been a bunch) it’s because someone navigated into the compressed directory in Windows. Just make sure you navigated into the uncompressed directory.

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So the folder no longer shows the zipper so guessing it’s unzipped.

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I’ll try again. Thanks