Suggestions for first project

The parts for my Maslow are coming in slowly but surely. The thing I really want to build is the OpenDesk Pedestal ( I’m concerned though, that it might turn out to be a great way to trash a sheet of plywood through inexperience with the process.

Does anyone here have a suggestion for a first project that might be good to cut my teeth on?

I suggest trying something very simple to get the hang of things. Grab an SVG file of your favorite animal and take a shot at converting it to gcode and cutting it on the machine. Makercam works well enough for the task if you don’t already have something in mind. Don’t forget to add tabs so the piece doesn’t fall while cutting and make sure that you account for the router bit in your tab width calculation (if you are using a 1/4-inch bit, make sure the tab width is wider than 1/4-inch… I use 0.4 inches personally) Lots of little tricks you’ll learn as you practice.


My first project(s) will be like madgrizzle posted. I’ll buy a sheet or two of nothing special material and play with it by trying to make shapes and signs until I’m confident.

I see pen holders are available which would make dry runs and practice affordable and possible. I may spring for one


I started cncing with cardboard and the cheapest plywood I could find (at the time it was lauan, today it might be OSB or MDF). You need a spoil sheet to avoid cutting up your table, 1/4" or 5mm mdf, OSB, plywood, or even foam board will work