First relapse since I am starting...what happened?

Hi Community,

I am supersad!
I was trying to cut the new project after my Schnaps-Guitar which was working supergood. The circles were accurate and also the guitar was very symmetic…

Now I tried my second project… for sure first on a peace of cheap wood and then on nice Akazie.
On the cheap wood everything seems to be fine so I started it on the Akazie.
It totally ran out of the line and I dont know why. I did not change anything.
I think I have to recalibrate the Maslow, right? Or is there something eles I was not able to find out?

Hope to get your support on this to find out what was going wrong!
By the way, I used a V-Carving Bit for those…

Did you hear any loud, unexplained pops at any point? If so, that’s indicative of a chain link skipping a tooth. The slant could also be explained by a skipped tooth. If you marked the chains after you extended them during calibration, you can do the following:

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Thanks for the answer!!
I did not hear anything, but with my ear protection I dont hear anything to be honest :smile:
Ok seems like a point the with skipping one tooth…make sense!

I did not mark them…damned! Is there a method to do it anyway?
I mean I think that I undestand that because of the direction you just have a 50 50 chance if there is ther right one down or the left one up.
But to avoid a new calibration right now couldn´t I just put the sprocket with the higher postion one down so its vertical again?

I just realized that I just have to repeat this step again and then I should be fine right?

Correct, just skip all the calibration steps until you get to the part where you set the sprockets vertical. After you do so, extend the chains and connect the sled, mark the link on the top tooth, and quit the calibration process.

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You can also just do Actions -> Set Chain Lengths Automatic which will give you just those steps in the calibration process